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About the Hydraulic Press Brick Company

Hydraulic Press Brick Company incorporated in 1868 as a manufacturer of Haydite, an expanded shale lightweight aggregate. The founder of the Company, Mr. E. C. Sterling, developed the concept of molding dry clay with a hydraulic press in 1864. [read more]

Today, our manufacturing facility near Indianapolis, IN, is the primary supplier of lightweight aggregate in the eastern Midwest, Great Lakes and Ohio Valley regions.

Throughout much of the company's long history, brick manufacturing was the primary business. As the need for lighter weight building materials grew, our primary focus shifted to the manufacturing of Haydite, the trademarked name for Expanded Shale Lightweight Aggregate. Although brick is no longer manufactured at HPB, we still retain our old and venerated name.

Traditional markets for HPB have primarily been construction related, producing lightweight aggregates for concrete masonry and structural concrete. Using our product as geotech fill and in soil enhancement have been more recent developments.

No matter what your use for Haydite Expanded Shale you can be sure of our commitment to providing the very finest in product and customer service!