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Haydite Lightweight Concrete

Whether providing a lightweight topping over an existing floor or precasting a 175 foot long, prestressed bridge beam, Hydraulic Press Brick Company is the one to call.

Hydraulic Press Brick Company provides not only the ultimate in lightweight aggregates, but a highly trained and experienced staff of lightweight concrete specialists as well.

One call can provide you with quick technical assistance, mix designs and on-the-job support! Phone 317-831-0710 or contact us by EMAIL.

Haydite Lightweight Aggregate

world1.jpg (2308 bytes)For nearly a century Haydite has been used successfully around the world in many different types of applications. The most notable among these are concrete masonry, high-rise buildings, concrete bridge decks, precast and prestressed concrete elements, soil conditioner and geotechnical fills.

What is Haydite? It is a unique, ceramic, lightweight aggregate prepared by expanding select shales in a rotary kiln at temperatures over 1000°C. The production and raw material selection processes are strictly controlled to insure a uniform, high quality product that is structurally strong, stable, durable and inert, yet also lightweight and insulative. Haydite  gives designers greater flexibility in creating solutions to meet the challenges of dead load, terrain, seismic conditions, construction schedules and budgets in today's marketplace.

Structural Concrete

Tower.jpg (3916 bytes)Haydite structural lightweight concrete solves weight and durability problems in buildings and exposed structures. Haydite concrete has strengths comparable to normalweight concrete, yet is typically 25% to 35% lighter. Haydite offers design flexibility and substantial cost savings by providing less dead load, improved seismic structural response, longer spans, better fire ratings, thinner sections, decreased story height, smaller size structural members, less reinforcing steel, and lower foundation costs. Precast elements have reduced transportation and placement costs. The excellent durability performance of Haydite is a result of the ceramic nature of the aggregate, and its exceptional bond to and elastic compatibility with the cementitious matrix.

Pumping Haydite Concrete

pumpendsmall.jpg (7169 bytes)Today most lightweight concrete is placed through the use of concrete pumps. The porous nature of Haydite aggregate may cause the material to absorb water when subjected to pumping pressures. Therefore, to achieve maximum pumpability for Haydite lightweight concrete, presoaking the lightweight aggregate is required. The presoaking process aids in preventing the aggregate from absorbing water during the pumping process and allows the concrete to be delivered in a ready-to-pump condition. This minimizes slump loss, increases pumpability and maintains consistency.

wetstock.JPG (3725 bytes)
Special stockpiles of material are maintained in a pre-wet or saturated condition for pumping of lightweight concrete.

Mix Design

Contact Hydraulic Press Brick Company for mix designs and technical support when preparing for a lightweight concrete project. Haydite representatives work with lightweight concrete mix designs and pumping on a daily basis. They can provide you with valuable information and resources that can save you time and money.

Specialty Concrete & Miscellaneous Uses

world13.jpg (1992 bytes)The superior qualities of ESCS are effective and economical in many other applications. Examples include wood floor topping, bagged concrete mix, cement wallboard, artificial stone, refractory, roof tile, traction grit, grog, insulating fill and many, many more.

Expanded shale, clay and slate aggregate, as manufactured by the rotary kiln process (originally developed in 1908 and patented in 1918 as Haydite), is available throughout the world.