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Haydite for Bonsai Growing

Bonsai TreeHaydite Bonsai Grade is a specially sized and graded, highly-durable ceramic-like material characterized by a microscopic, non-connecting, internal void system. The micro porous internal structure of the Haydite particles helps to maintain optimum moisture levels for vigorous healthy plants.

Bonsai Grade consists of tiny sponge-like ceramic particles about ½ to 1/4th the size of a pencil eraser. Each of these tiny ceramic sponge-like particles possesses the unique ability to absorb excess water and then, slowly release the water back to the plant. Each particle becomes a tiny time-release capsule metering life sustaining water.

Those who practice the fine art of Bonsai have known for years that Haydite also offers excellent drainage and helps provide free passage of air and water to the root system which promotes vibrant healthy plant growth while significantly reducing soil compaction.

Haydite is produced by expanding and vitrifying selected shale in a rotary kiln at temperatures in excess of 2000°F. This process makes Haydite sterile and environmentally inert. It is a natural, non-toxic, highly absorptive ceramic granule with a generally neutral pH. It is dimensionally stable and will not degrade or compress like other amending products. Haydite does not need to be re-applied year after year.

Haydite for Bonsai growersBonsai Grade Haydite should be mixed with the appropriate amount of organics and loam. Local climactic conditions will dictate what type of soil blend you should use for successful bonsai propagation. Some recognized Bonsai mixtures utilizing Bonsai Grade Haydite are:

  • Deciduous 55 - 65% organic material blended with 35 – 45% Bonsai Grade Haydite
  • Conifer 25 – 35% organic material blended
    with 65 – 75% Bonsai Grade Haydite
  • Tropical 65 – 75% organic material blended
    with 25 – 35% Bonsai Grade Haydite

Loam is a combination of sand, organic and clay and is added to augment the special needs of Bonsai soil mixes.

Bonsai Grade Haydite is available by calling Hydraulic Press Brick Company at 1-317-831-0710, Monday through Friday from 8:00am to 4:00pm EST.

Bonsai Grade is available in two quantities: one cubic foot (over 7 gallons) or ½ cubic foot (over 3 gallons).