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Nursery & Greenhouse Use

Greenhouse Blend™ is a specialized gradation of Haydite soil conditioner specifically designed for the demands of commercial greenhouse cultivation. Greenhouse blend consist primarily of 1/4"-1/16" particles sizes with nearly all dust and the very fine particles removed.

Greenhouse BlendHaydite’s porous micro-surface texture and interior porous structure resist clogging and provides superior aeration that promotes growth of delicate, fine root systems. Problems of soil compaction are significantly reduced when Haydite is properly proportioned within the soil. The soil remains resilient because moisture and air movement are not restricted. Haydite provides the optimum condition for fast, healthy plant growth.

Grow Stronger Roots - Haydite reduces compaction that leads to a shallow root zone and poor water infiltration. Haydite has a porous structure and strong particle integrity. When incorporated into the soil, Haydite provides needed porosity and air space to the root zone.

Increase Water Use Efficiency - Haydite absorbs water and nutrients allowing for less run off. Water and nutrients are held by each particle and are slowly released back into the soil and root zone, as needed, promoting healthier root growth.

Bonsai TreeContact our Horticulture specialist to help you determine the best Haydite product to suit your specific needs.

Haydite Soil Conditioners have become a favorite of bonsai growers through the years, and for good reason.

It will not break down with continuous exposure to moisture as many other soil conditioning products will.

Produced with the highest quality shale and manufacturing processes, you can be sure of the finest materials available.

Haydite ParticleThis is a greatly magnified photo of a Haydite particle, showing it's unique porous internal structure. The process of firing select shale at 2000°F causes expansion and vitrification of the shale, creating what might be referred to as a ceramic sponge.

As a result, Haydite has a great capacity for absorbing and storing water. As the soil dries this stored water migrates back to the soil helping to maintain optimum moisture levels.

Download these Reports:

Nursery Blend: properties (pdf)

Greenhouse Blend: properties (pdf)

Use Haydite Greenhouse Blend at 10%-15% by Volume to:

  • Increase air space for healthier root development
  • Reduce compaction of soil
  • Increase soil porosity
  • Reduce labor cost through more efficient watering
  • Increase profits with quicker crop turnover and higher plant quality