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Nursery Blend Soil Conditioner

Nursery BlendNursery Blend Soil Conditioner™ is a specialized gradation of Haydite soil conditioner specifically designed for the demands of commercial nursery cultivation. Nursery blend consist primarily of 3/8"-1/8" particles sizes with nearly all dust and the very fine particles removed. [see our Greenhouse Blend for an even finer grind]

Haydite’s porous micro-surface texture and interior porous structure resist clogging and provides superior aeration that promotes growth of delicate, fine root systems.

Haydite is produced by expanding and vitrifying selected shale in a rotary kiln at temperatures in excess of 2000°F. This process makes Haydite sterile and environmentally inert. It is a natural, non-toxic, highly absorptive ceramic granule with a generally neutral pH. It is dimensionally stable and will not degrade or compress like other amending products. Haydite does not need to be re-applied year after year.

A healthy soil profile can be difficult to maintain. Since most soils consist of solid particles, water and air, it is necessary to maintain a careful balance of these elements in order to establish a healthy root system. Generally, a good soil profile is approximately 25% water, 25% air and 50% solid particulate matter.

ButterflyHowever, when soils are compacted, an imbalance occurs. Solid particles are pressed together, and water and air are squeezed out. With less pore space, soils become too dense for the movement of air, water and nutrients, and the favorable environment for the beneficial microbial activity necessary in a healthy growing medium is lost.

The blending of Haydite with your soil mix easily and economically restores and maintains this delicate balance.

Contact our Horticulture specialist to help you determine the best Haydite product to suit your specific needs.

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Use Haydite Nursery Blend at 10%-15% by Volume to:

  • Increase air space for healthier root development
  • Reduce compaction of soil
  • Increase soil porosity
  • Reduce labor cost through more efficient watering
  • Increase profits with quicker crop turnover and higher plant quality