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Haydite for Sports Field Uses

Hydraulic Press Brick helps you create the ultimate in turf and high performance natural sports surfaces with 2 Haydite products:

With the advent of sports turf, golf greens, and professional lawn care, the science of grass cultivation has taken some giant steps forward. It is now generally understood that to achieve healthy turf it is necessary to amend soils with materials that aid and promote strong root development.

Contact our Horticulture specialist to help you determine the best Haydite product to suit your specific needs.

Game On ConditionerHaydite Skinned Infield Conditioner provides an economical solution to skinned infield maintenance and construction programs. Our sports field conditioner greatly improves the performance and playability of skinned infields.

Avoid Rain Outs - Haydite particles contain many micro and macro pores allowing the material to absorb water. The angular particle structure reduces compaction and increases the porosity of the soil; promoting drainage.

Increase Safety - Haydite particles reduce compaction on skinned infield surfaces. This prevents the infield from becoming a hard, compacted playing surface that can cause bad hops. Additionally, your infield surface will have surer footing, thus reducing player injuries.

Decrease Maintenance Costs - An infield containing Haydite provides better porosity and air space which keeps your infield from becoming unplayable and rock hard. Daily and annual maintenance is significantly reduced, saving you money for other projects. Also, due to the unique composition of Haydite, it may be stored outside.


Tired of the MudHaydite Sports Turf Conditioner can dramatically improve the health and durability of sports turf and lawns. By providing adequate drainage, reducing nutrient loss, improving moisture retention, enhancing soil resiliency, and increasing resistance to compaction, HAYDITE helps to create and maintain optimum turf performance.

Grow Stronger Roots-Haydite reduces compaction that leads to a shallow root zone and poor water infiltration. Haydite has a porous structure and strong particle integrity. When incorporated into the soil, Haydite provides needed porosity and air space to the root.

Increase Water Use Efficiency - Haydite absorbs water and nutrients allowing for less run off. Water and nutrients are held by each particle and are slowly released back into the soil and root zone, as needed, promoting healthier root growth.

Improve Playability - Haydite reduces athletic field problems such as compaction and moisture content. In conjunction with a core aeration and topdressing program, Haydite increases the stability and water infiltration of your turf. You will notice fewer problems due to variable weather and playing conditions.


Download these Reports:
Skinned Infield Conditioner (pdf) Haydite Turf Conditioner (pdf) Sports Brochure (pdf)